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Moi résultats pour les cours..

December 13, 2008

So here it is, the long awaited results for both language modules..

Thanks to SIS’s professor Joelle Ducrot’s words of inspiration,
As long as you have the passion for it, nothing is impossible.

Thanks to my French Professeur François who believed in me :), merci beaucoup.

Thanks to Spanish Profesora Marijo Romero who thought that this is crazy and totally not advisable.

I did it.

French A-, Spanish A+.

And I’m supposed to like the French language more. And I dedicated more effort to mastering that.

But I still love you, Profesora Marijo ;), tú eres fantástico.

So yes, I did it.

Damn, I rock at it :D.


Spanish Influence

September 17, 2008

I was looking at my French notes earlier, using Spanish to help make sense.

Yes, I know. It’s weird.

After all, English is my first language and it would make sense to use it as a base to learn a foreign language. But no, I depended heavily on Spanish to understand why certain words or phrases are written that way in French.

And no, I’m not exactly excelling in Spanish either.

I got to know my group mate in PR Strategy class yesterday. Her name’s Maria and she’s on exchange from Portugal. She speaks Portuguese, which is exciting because of its similarities with the Spanish language.

Time-Out: Do you know that Ronaldo the Brazillian footballer actually speaks Portugese and not Spanish?

Bet you don’t. HAHAHA.

So I wanted to know how much difference is there in the two languages, so I asked her how she would say the word, “Nationality”.

and she said, “Na-shion-na-li-dah”.

which I would say, “Na-thio-na-li-dah”.

Despite the difference, Maria said that both parties can communicate in their own language and still understand each other.. and I thought, hey, that’s actually quite fascinating.

It’s probably something like Teochew and the Hokkien locally speaking.

But way cooler.

And she also found Portuguese to be easier and simpler than English.

Yup. Right. Can’t blame her, I would have said the exact opposite.

So yes, I made a new friend (:D), and my team came up with a team name, “Vivir”, which means “to live”. Surprisingly, Prof. Halff picked that up immediately, so I guessed he probably knows a little Spanish too.

Can’t wait to see Maria again, love to find out more about Portugal.