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French Pronunciation

October 30, 2008

If you think English word pronunciation is hard, think again.

La prononciation française est très difficile!

et je n’aime pas lettre R maintenant.

The french pronunciation contains many intricacies such as random letters that are supposed to be silent, or multiple sounds for a single letters, the liaisons and how the words all combine together when the sentence is read.. and endless pronunciation exceptions! Sadly, after 11 weeks of classe de français, I have yet to master the technique to pronounce french words correctly. My only consolation from the professor is that I will need at least 400 hours to speak french comfortably.. and I’ve only had like, 33 hours so far.


Anyway, I guess the one way to perfect the french pronunciation is to work with a native French speaker. Of course, the other option is to listen to as much french as possible on Xfm 96.3..

Here’s an article on the letter “R”: How to Pronounce the French R

Difficulty: Average (only if you get what the instructions that is :[)

Time Required: Less than 5 minutes (bleah :P!)

  1. Open your mouth.
  2. Close your throat and carefully enunciate the sound K, several times.
  3. Pay attention to where in your throat the K sound is made. We’ll call this the K place.
  4. Begin slowly closing your throat, as if to keep from swallowing a mouthful of liquid, until you can almost feel the K place. Your throat should be only partially constricted.
  5. Tense the muscles around the K place.
  6. Gently push air through your partially constricted throat.
  7. Practice saying Ra-Ra-Ra (where R = steps 4-6) every day.

Thank god I’m okay with the other supposedly as difficult letter, U.

Here’s “U” anyways: How to Pronounce the French U

So all french speakers, vous aidez moi s’il vous plaît!