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F1 Laughter on Sunday Paper

October 10, 2008

I was browsing the pile of backdated magazines and newspapers and came across this funny column by Tay Yek Keak on Sunday’s paper. It’s just plain hilariousDon’t you just love the “Fakebook” layout (:D)?

Alonso on "Fakebook" page 1

Alonso on "Fakebook" page 1

Alonso on "Fakebook" page 2

Alonso on "Fakebook" page 2


Shame on you, Ferrari

October 7, 2008

So it happens that the loser is eating sour grapes. Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo criticized the Singapore grand prix track as a “circus” and describing the use of the safety car as humiliating for formula one. Montezemolo said, “When we race on tracks which should be used for the circus, anything can happen including the spectacle of the safety car.

Come on seriously are you saying that?

The true F1 fans will know that safety cars are featured at every Grand Prix to ensure that the race does not suffer from undue disruption, allowing the race to continue after a major accident, or other incidents that require the presence of marshals on the track. Like the medical response vehicle, the safety car is on standby throughout the race, ready to be dispatched anytime by the race control upon notice. Once the safety car enters the track, the racers will form up behind it in sequence until the obstacle is removed and track declared safe. Till then and upon the next order of the race controller, the safety car then leaves the track. Racers will remain behind in formation until the beginning of the next lap before they resume racing. This year, the Mercedes SL63 has been appointed as the safety car for the Singapore Grand Pix. 

Mercedes SL63 safetycar appointed for 2008 (credits to

Mercedes SL63 safetycar appointed for 2008 (credits to

During the race, Singapore saw two safety car interventions, the first of which benefited Alonso, resulting to his unexpected victory for Renault. Before the race, Montezemolo said that street circuits and the lack of overtaking opportunities were not the right way forward for the sport.

Yeah right. He obviously had no complaints the other time when Massa and Ferrari inaugurate the list of winners at Valencia Street Circuit. How two-faced.

The president also backed the mechanics who gave Massa the green light during a pit stop despite the fuel hose still being attached to the car as he sped away. I mean any idiot will tell you that the mechanics were at fault because they were extremely careless, duh! Anyway, Massa made it to the end of the pit lane before the fuel hose was removed but received a penalty for a drive through for a dangerous exit from his pit box.

We have extraordinary mechanics who on other occasions have swung results our way. We must stay close to each other because Ferrari are always world champions and are still in the running to win,” Montezemolo said.


We’ll see about that. Ferrari represents class and sophistication, an extreme performance sports car. And in my opinion, the words of the recently appointed chairman of the Formula One Teams Association has totally killed that image.

Finale: Congratulations ING Renault F1 Team!

September 28, 2008

Unbelievably and miraculously, Renault won the Singapore Grand Prix!

Alonso takes victory (credits to the F1 team blog)

Alonso takes victory (credits to the F1 team blog)

A short video short from my lousy position (:[)!

It was spectacular! And I wasn’t surprised that right from the beginning of today’s race, all news and attention were focused on the Ferrari team and McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton. So here’s my summary of what happened tonight. Alonso caught up during the safety car interlude and Massa’s pitstop blunder to move up the field. Good skills aside, lucky was also on his side (:D).

Despite a poor pole position ranked 15th, Alonso got to an excellent start and moved up to 12th on the opening lap. He passed Toyota of Trulli and advanced to the 11th position, before heading for the pits where he changed his soft tyres for the harder compound that will be more suitable. Then there were a series of mess ups and penalties committed by the Ferrari team. There was a technical glitch apparently that caused Massa to leave his pit before the fuel hose had been removed, driving with it down the pit lane just before the exit. The fault delayed Massa for about a minute until his mechanics arrived to remove the damaged hose.

Meanwhile Alonso has climbed to 4th in position, behind Robert Kubica, Giancarlo Fisichella and Jarno Trulli. On lap 24, Kubica then received notice of his penalty for having stopped in the pits when they were closed. Alonso managed to gain lead position when Trulli and Fisichella headed for the pits.

The end of the race held no more surprises as Fernando leading by more than 10 seconds took victory followed by Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

So, congratulations to the ING Renault F1 Team!!

Day 2: Cheer up Alonso!

September 27, 2008

Man what a waste!

In the end Ferrari’s Felipe Massa clinched pole position.

Fernando leads the way (credits to the F1 team blog)

Fernando leads the way (credits to the F1 team blog)

Alonso was doing excellent for the final two practice rounds earlier today, finishing first. Gearing up with absolute confidence for the pole, he was anguished when his engine died due to a the fuel feed problem, and cruised to a halt halfway, taking away his change to set a time in the second qualifying session. Alonso got out, hands on his head in frustration because him being left on the sidelines took away his shot to get a decent grid position.

According to him, he reckoned a front row start was highly possible before his Renault failed. The problem left the viscerally frustrated Renault star now 15th on the grid.

Which totally sucks! I seriously hope nothing goes wrong for the team tomorrow (:[)!.

Left on the sidelines in qualifying (credits to

Left on the sidelines in qualifying (credits to itv-f1)

Alonso frustrated with the outcome (credits to itv-f1)

Alonso frustrated with the outcome (credits to itv-f1)

Day 1: Renault Scores in F1 Trail!

September 26, 2008

Seriously, I need a set of heavy duty mufflers.

Renault F1 (credits to the F1 team blog)

Good thing it didn’t rain this evening, or racing conditions would have been almost impossible. Turns out that the roads here are way too tight and narrow, and the racers are having a really hard time staying on the track as they speed down the Marina Circuit. What makes it interesting is that this time, the racers are unfamiliar with the circuit, making it extremely challenging and no player has additional advantage over the other player.

Not surprisingly, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa was able to maneuver the winey roads of Singapore without much hiccups. McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton clocked 1m 45.805s, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa came in at 1m 45.793s. However, right at the last minute, Fernando Alonso took his Renault round in 1m 45.654s to beat Massa by 0.098s. Great job Renault (:D)!

So here are some pictures taken from my miserable spot. Managed to sneak a few peeks at the situation behind the barriers.

F1 track sneak shot 3

F1 track back shot

F1 track middle shot

F1 track middle shot

F1 track front shot

F1 track front shot

Outside Esplanade

Gate 7 entry for ticket holders

Renault in F1.

September 21, 2008

In case you don’t already know, Renault is a french automobile company.

So F1 is coming to Singapore on the 28th this month. I was breezing through the city area last night when I saw road works in preparation for the highly anticipated event. The road shoulders were lined with a row of high powered white lights and tall fencing, and the mood immediately sets in. Imagine, in just about a week more, the F1 racers will be zooming down the same road I’m parked on right now. It was nice.. and I couldn’t resist taking a picture with my crappy phone camera just before the green light.

Of course, here are the Renault racers replicas just outside the Marriot Hotel. Oh, and I have also included their blog page on the right.

Go Renault (:D) !!

F1 race course outside Suntec City

F1 race course outside Suntec City.

Renault side shot

Renault side shot

Renault front shot

Renault front shot

Renault hind shot

Renault hind shot