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Moi résultats pour les cours..

December 13, 2008

So here it is, the long awaited results for both language modules..

Thanks to SIS’s professor Joelle Ducrot’s words of inspiration,
As long as you have the passion for it, nothing is impossible.

Thanks to my French Professeur François who believed in me :), merci beaucoup.

Thanks to Spanish Profesora Marijo Romero who thought that this is crazy and totally not advisable.

I did it.

French A-, Spanish A+.

And I’m supposed to like the French language more. And I dedicated more effort to mastering that.

But I still love you, Profesora Marijo ;), tú eres fantástico.

So yes, I did it.

Damn, I rock at it :D.


Je suis en vacances!

December 8, 2008

No this blog is not dead.

The author is only on a holiday break.

And also waiting for her French result.

and Spanish.


And yes the previous email in French made perfect sense.

At least Professeur François replied me without much hesistation.

So yes I will be blogging soon, so people and my nice French friends, keep me in your watch list!