Finale: Congratulations ING Renault F1 Team!

Unbelievably and miraculously, Renault won the Singapore Grand Prix!

Alonso takes victory (credits to the F1 team blog)

Alonso takes victory (credits to the F1 team blog)

A short video short from my lousy position (:[)!

It was spectacular! And I wasn’t surprised that right from the beginning of today’s race, all news and attention were focused on the Ferrari team and McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton. So here’s my summary of what happened tonight. Alonso caught up during the safety car interlude and Massa’s pitstop blunder to move up the field. Good skills aside, lucky was also on his side (:D).

Despite a poor pole position ranked 15th, Alonso got to an excellent start and moved up to 12th on the opening lap. He passed Toyota of Trulli and advanced to the 11th position, before heading for the pits where he changed his soft tyres for the harder compound that will be more suitable. Then there were a series of mess ups and penalties committed by the Ferrari team. There was a technical glitch apparently that caused Massa to leave his pit before the fuel hose had been removed, driving with it down the pit lane just before the exit. The fault delayed Massa for about a minute until his mechanics arrived to remove the damaged hose.

Meanwhile Alonso has climbed to 4th in position, behind Robert Kubica, Giancarlo Fisichella and Jarno Trulli. On lap 24, Kubica then received notice of his penalty for having stopped in the pits when they were closed. Alonso managed to gain lead position when Trulli and Fisichella headed for the pits.

The end of the race held no more surprises as Fernando leading by more than 10 seconds took victory followed by Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

So, congratulations to the ING Renault F1 Team!!


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2 Responses to “Finale: Congratulations ING Renault F1 Team!”

  1. Melvin Says:

    Ferrari seriously messed up..
    What a big waste.. they were ahead by quite a bit at first..
    so much for automation..
    Hopefully they still can catch up… but difficult though.. with 3 races left..
    i think they were rather unlucky..

  2. la dame Says:

    no they’re not unlucky, the faults were triggered by themselves :p..

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