Day 1: Renault Scores in F1 Trail!

Seriously, I need a set of heavy duty mufflers.

Renault F1 (credits to the F1 team blog)

Good thing it didn’t rain this evening, or racing conditions would have been almost impossible. Turns out that the roads here are way too tight and narrow, and the racers are having a really hard time staying on the track as they speed down the Marina Circuit. What makes it interesting is that this time, the racers are unfamiliar with the circuit, making it extremely challenging and no player has additional advantage over the other player.

Not surprisingly, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa was able to maneuver the winey roads of Singapore without much hiccups. McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton clocked 1m 45.805s, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa came in at 1m 45.793s. However, right at the last minute, Fernando Alonso took his Renault round in 1m 45.654s to beat Massa by 0.098s. Great job Renault (:D)!

So here are some pictures taken from my miserable spot. Managed to sneak a few peeks at the situation behind the barriers.

F1 track sneak shot 3

F1 track back shot

F1 track middle shot

F1 track middle shot

F1 track front shot

F1 track front shot

Outside Esplanade

Gate 7 entry for ticket holders


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