Près De Moi

stands for Close to Me.

a french pop song that was introduced to class last friday

DVD on the left projection screen, and lyrics on the right, we sang happily

besides reading frantically and trying to not to lose it.

And he explained each word in every sentence, french is not tough

I mean after all, we already understood 8 words and a few short phrases even before he explained them

it sounded so beautiful, so sad

and even if you need a translator

still, how can anyone not like this song?

J’aime beaucoup la musique, vous :)?

YouTube Link: Près De Moi (Embedding disabled by request)


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2 Responses to “Près De Moi”

  1. nettx Says:

    hey, the video cannot be played.

  2. la dame Says:

    hey cutie, yup the owner doesn’t allow embedding :(, and I can’t find another one that is fully in french.. anyway I changed to this album art, just click on the link! .. :D..

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